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January 23, 2012

I'll do it My Way

Monday is here and I've had a day to recover from the whirlwind of Stampin' Up activities.  Leadership was a fabulous experience.  The presenatations were great and there were plenty of new things to learn.  The theme for new Stampin' Up year is "My Way".  One of the presentations I attended was "Sharing the Stampin' Up! Opportunity."  Brian Pilling from the corporate office talked about building relationships in the process of recruiting.  He had some great personal photos from the early to mid-90's of him and his wife during their dating years.  Looking at those fashaion styles brought back memories from my younger years. Love those big puffy sleeves on the dresses--what were we thinking!  Anyway, he compared the process of dating to the process that demonstrators experience (whether we realize it or not) when they recruit.  My stamping obsession has brought many new friends into my life and it has enhanced older friendships.  In spite of this, I haven't made a point to share the opportunity to become a demonstrator.  After my experience at Leadership, I think--who wouldn't want to be part of the Stampin' Up family?  You can read about other stampers' experiences at Stampin' Up events but it's not the same as being there yourself.

A special "hello" to the lovely ladies from Edmonton, Canada.  I felt a little homesick for Upper Michigan after talking with them over lunch on Friday.  When you grow up in the far north you feel an affinity to Canadians.  After all, they are only a hop, skip and a jump away!  Well, Edmonton is quite northwest of the Upper Peninsula, but you know what I mean. 

I'll sign off today with a few more photos from Leadership.  Here are a few of the new product displays.  The projects were spectacular.  I aspire to create artwork similar to what was on display.

Sorry for the marginal quality of the photos.  I'm not proficient with the settings on my "point and shoot" digital camera so it was hit and miss with the lighting in such a large space.  Enjoy your day! 

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  1. Oooh, Shari, I like the samples you showed here! Very pretty, and I love that circus Big Top! Thanks for sharing.